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Being nervous. it might easily fall from your hand or arm if it felt threatened. AVICULARIA AVICULARIA: SOUTH AMERICAN PINK-TOE (Photo on page 2) Unlike the species so far described. this little gem is arboreal in its habits. It lives. among other places. in banana and pineapple plantations. As its sCientific name suggests. this is one of the so-called "bird eating" spiders. Its ground color is a velvet black and its common name is derived from orange tips to the tarsal part of its legs. There are also some.

R# . ,IJiIIIIIT ~ bulbous in shape, with a pointed, : ' .. ,--. claw-like sting at the top. Often ..... /' ~~r~-~ " ~ "','-if_ • ' '':''7''' . ' there is a second small tubercle r .... under the sting. ' .... ;c " c:- .... are paired venom glands and associated muscles. As usual in • • . ' venomotis animals, the venom ,.. ':l,. •• ~ / ' , . z ..... glands are under voluntary control ~ ,{v. ::E _.. by the animal. When the sting is ~~ . ;:. ;... J;'i:F' .. ,... -. ,. , .. •r"· < tapped against either prey or ...

Is that it is native to tropical regions where there is rainforest and thus higher humidity levels than in the drier prairie and desert regions where other popular members of the genus are normally to be found. ) Native to Honduras. Nicaragua. and Costa Rica. on its body and legs. While it may not win any prizes as the most striking of spiders. it does have a number of redeeming features. It is quietly attractive in appearance. has been bred without problems. has a healthy appetite. and has a most agreeable nature.

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