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Slosson, Creative Chemistry (New York: The Century Company, 1919), 135, 161–162; Williams Haynes, Cellulose: The Chemical That Grows (New York: Doubleday and Company, 1953), 19, 135–137. 19 Byron M. Vanderbilt, Thomas Edison, Chemist (Washington DC: American Chemical Society, 1971), 286–294; Alan I. Marcus and Erik Lokensgard, “The Chemical Engineers of Iowa State College: Transforming Agricultural Wastes and an Institution, 1920–1940,” The Annals of Iowa (Winter–Spring 1986): 184–197. 20 Wheeler McMillen to Christy Borth, August 29, 1938, Wheeler McMillen Papers, Box 4, University of Oregon; Wheeler McMillen, New Riches from the Soil (New York: D.

Sharla Fett writes in Working Cures: Healing, Health, and Power on Southern Slave Plantations: A former slave from Maryland recalled, “The old people could read the woods just like a book. Whenever you were sick, they could go out and pick something, and you’d get well…” The sheer volume of herbs listed in the vernacular by African American elders born into slavery suggests a detailed knowledge of wild-growing medicines, even from the distance of several decades…It bears repeating that African American herbalism was indeed a sophisticated body of knowledge.

All I saw was her smiling face an a giant Crow staring back at me. ” (39) This first vision quest animates a York who desires to free enslaved people, particularly his family members. ” He remarks that “when I make to stare at it / it put me in mind ova buffalo Jesus, wooly, / angry, an full a the revelations” (41). This imagery recounts the biblical book of Revelations in which a messiah with “hair like wool” fights the devil in a final apocalyptic battle of good and evil. Walker conveys that one of the ecological benefits of the expedition was the introduction of York to a liberating vocabulary, which encompassed the nonhuman natural world and cathartic human-to-human experience that gave him temporary relief from racist interpretations of his human biodiversity.

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