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This instruction manual specializes in a few very important subject matters from quantity concept and Discrete arithmetic. those contain the sum of divisors functionality with the various previous and new matters on excellent numbers; Euler's totient and its many aspects; the Möbius functionality in addition to its generalizations, extensions, and functions; the mathematics services on the topic of the divisors or the digits of a host; the Stirling, Bell, Bernoulli, Euler and Eulerian numbers, with connections to numerous fields of natural or utilized arithmetic. every one bankruptcy is a survey and will be seen as an encyclopedia of the thought of box, underlining the interconnections of quantity idea with Combinatorics, Numerical arithmetic, Algebra, or likelihood conception. This reference paintings should be invaluable to experts in quantity idea and discrete arithmetic in addition to mathematicians or scientists who want entry to a couple of those ends up in different fields of study.

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Numerical examples with real data demonstrate how to set up and solve several types of problems of least squares. The bibliography lists comprehensive sources for more specialized aspects of least squares. V. All rights reserved. Keywords: History; Constrained; Ordinary; Total; Weighted; Least squares 1. Introduction The mathematical concept of least squares is the basis for several methods to ÿt certain types of curves and surfaces to data. Problems of ÿtting curves and surfaces have a history spanning several millenia, which is outlined in Section 2 to set in perspective the contribution of least squares to their solution.

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