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Only a licensed rehabilitator with training should feed birds like this because it requires a special technique. Do not feed injured birds at all. They’re too weak and food or water can asphyxiate them. Stick to the soaked cat food or dog food until the bird has reached his destination at the wildlife sanctuary or rehabilitation center. Cat and dog food is nutritionally a good temporary food. Things like milk or crackers are horrible for these youngsters and can make them sick. After all, milk comes from cows, which are mammals.

This was a male cardinal and he chose this woman’s yard as his place to mate and nest. Each time the cardinal got near the woman’s home, he would see his own reflection in her windows. He was interpreting this as another male cardinal in his territory, and he was attacking the windows to try and drive him away. What he didn’t understand was that he was just attacking his own reflection. Cardinals, like many other species of birds, are very territorial. In order to fix this temporary problem, the woman was going to have to find a way to break up the reflection in the windows.

You can rescue the baby the same way you’d rescue one that has fallen into a wall, by dropping a knotted rope or sheet through the opening in the top and letting it dangle all the way to the bottom into the fireplace. The baby may use the rope or sheet to climb out. If he doesn’t, you can remove the baby another way. Put on a pair of leather gloves. Then, gently throw a pillowcase or towel over the animal to cover him up and calm him down. Then, lay a cardboard box on its side and, using something like a broom, push the animal into the box.

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