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ContentsUnit 1 - Foundations for FunctionsUnit 2 - Linear FunctionsUnit three - Polynomials and Nonlinear FunctionsUnit four - complex Expressions and knowledge AnalysisStandards evaluate

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25. Use the expression you wrote to predict the amount of trash produced by a family of four each day. Evaluate each expression. 27. 10 6 26. 8 2 EXTRA PRACTICE See pages 714, 744. com 28. 3 5 29. 15 3 Write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression. 1 y 32. 15 + r 30. 7p 31. _ 33. w - 24 34. 3x 2 37. n 3 · p 5 8 4 _ 35. r 9 36. 2a + 6 Write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression. 38. 17 - 4m 5 8 Chapter 1 The Language and Tools of Algebra 12z 2 39. _ 5 40. 3x 2 - 2x 41. SAVINGS Kendra is saving to buy a new computer.

1A. (5 + 1)9 1B. com The Distributive Property can be used to simplify mental calculations involving multiplication. To use this method, rewrite one factor as a sum or difference. Then use the Distributive Property to multiply. Finally, find the sum or difference. EXAMPLE The Distributive Property and Mental Math Use the Distributive Property to rewrite 15 · 99. Then evaluate. 15 · 99 = 15(100 - 1) Think: 99 = 100 - 1 = 15(100) - 15(1) Distributive Property = 1500 - 15 Multiply = 1485 Subtract.

The volume of a pyramid is one third of the product of the area of the base B and its height h. a. Write an expression that represents the volume of a pyramid. Words Variables one third B ϭ area of base and h ϭ height Expression Real-World Career Architect Architects use math to find measures and calculate areas. They must consider the function, safety, and appearance when they design buildings. _1 3 (B · h) or _Bh 1 3 × b. Find the volume of the Pyramid Arena. 1 (Bh) V=_ 3 Volume of a pyramid 1 =_ (360,000 · 321) Replace B with 360,000 and h with 321.

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