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This ebook is foolish dont purchase it. i purchased it for support with acronyms and the occasional stray time period and it has but to assist me i'm a qualified mechanic of twenty-two years. you will discover the publication is actually packed with noticeable phrases that want no defining, beside the point and nonsense entries.

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Ball joint separator: A tool for forcing out ball or tapered joints. One style is shaped like a two-prong fork with a wedge-shaped jaw which is struck with a hammer to separate the joint. Another style uses direct pressure from a screw or screw-activated lever action to split the joint. ball joint steering knuckle: A steering knuckle that pivots on ball joints instead of on a kingpin. balloon tire: A type of low pressure tire which was first introduced in the 1920s. Its width and height were the same which gave it a rounded shape.

Also see self-induction back-voltage backward welding: See backhand welding BAC level: Blood Alcohol level badge: An emblem with a manufacturer's name and/or logo on a plate to identify a model or component. Also see hood badge badge engineering: When a manufacturer sells two identical vehicles but the model names are different, he is badge engineering. For example, General Motors may sell a vehicle as a Chevrolet or a Pontiac where the only difference is the model name, logo, and more or less chrome or other minor alterations.

See tire aging agitation cup: A type of spray gun paint container which has an agitator. agitator: A device for mixing paint by shaking the container. : Abbreviation for ampere-hour. " AHARA: Acronym for "As High As Reasonably Achievable" ahoogah: The sound of a particular kind of horn. " AH Rim: A wheel rim which is able to run even when the tire is flat and provides safety in case of a puncture. AIADA: Acronym for "American International Automobile Dealers Association" AIAM: Acronym for "Association of International Automobile Manufacturers" AIA-SAP: Acronym for "Automotive Industry Association" (Czech Republic) AIA-ZAP: Acronym for "Automotive Industry Association" (Slovakia).

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