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By Shoko Hashida, Jose Martin Gomez Tagle Morales

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45 PLACIDO DOMINGO CITY CASAS GEO LA VENTA, ACAPULCO, GUERRERO, MEXICO. 2002 The Placido Domingo’s Village was donated to the affected people for Pauline’s hurricane, developing 650 housing units, a church, a kinder-garden, a primary and junior high school, cistern and ele vate water tank and a hospital. For the project, regional materials were used and the architectural houses were designed depending of the hand-made and popular jobs of the people affected of those communities, that means, each housing unit was designed based on the resident’s use, and, even the housing prototype deals with several interior variations, in essence it is a typical house of the coast of the Guerrero State.

The implant is fully undependable in its power supply and is carried out of natural ecological materials with using new technological approaches to construction. The main building and tourists block passive solar heating system based on principles Direct and Indirect gain. Also ESTEC VR 12 CPC solar heating system applies for domestic hot water. As the object is located on the territory of National Park and is near to the Far Eastern Maritime Preserve it is very actual for attraction of large tourist streams not only the inhabitants of Russia but also people from abroad to the beautiful Primorsky region.

Photovoltaic Panels integrated with the Facade Solar Panels-Production of heat and cold. Vapour Absorption Chiller-In the summer, the vapour absorption chiller uses the hot water produced by the solar panels for the production of cold water for the radiant floors Radiant Floors and Ceilings-The radiant heating and cooling system circulates hot and cold water through underfloor tubing. During the winter, the hot water comes from the solar panels, while in the summer; the system uses the same water that has been cooled by the vapour absorption chiller.

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