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By David Lynn Golemon

Similar to the works of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly comes the most recent in an action-packed sequence concerning the nation’s such a lot mystery agency---the occasion GroupTen thousand years earlier than the Roman Empire marched nice legions around the identified global, there has been a civilization devoted to the sciences of earth, sea, and sky. within the urban of sunshine lived those that made darkish plans to put waste to their uncivilized neighbors using the very energy of the planet itself. because the nice technology in their time was once delivered to endure at the invading hordes, hell was once set unfastened on the earth. And the civilization of Atlantis disappeared in a suicidal typhoon of fireplace and water.Now heritage threatens to copy itself. the nice weapon of the Ancients has been exposed within the South Pacific, and it truly is being deciphered via males of hatred---by an evil as soon as proposal banished from historical past. back, the black swastika of hate is emerging. Their plan is to try to manage and direct the main damaging strength this international has but to determine, a weapon that may make nuclear palms faded compared. the area begins to tremble less than the ability of the traditional technological know-how. The seas upward thrust, the earth cracks, and whole towns disintegrate to dirt because the evil plan mapped out millions of years prior to takes shape.The occasion staff, the main mystery division of the U.S. executive, staffed by way of the main wonderful women and men of technology, philosophy, and the army, needs to take the lead and take a look at to prevent the facility of the Ancients. With a presidential mandate to find the reality at the back of the myths and legends of heritage, the development team fights to make sure that error from the earlier are by no means repeated. Headed by means of Colonel Jack Collins, the crowd needs to face its most threatening project ever: to discover the misplaced path of the Ancients and unearth the lacking key earlier than the hot Reich. Can the main mystery federal carrier of the United States track down the misplaced path that might make them the lair of this mystery energy? Or will the realm explode in a sequence response that all started greater than 11 thousand  years in the past? the development workforce is the world's in basic terms wish as they seek and conflict for the misplaced energy of the Ancients.Heart-pounding motion combines with ancient event because the occasion team discovers that a few myths by no means die. . . .

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However, the sand and rock continued to slide into the immense fabricated cavern until it struck the lava that flowed beneath the two great plates two miles below the surface of the sea. Talos knew that something had gone wrong as the look on the face of Pythos went from one of ecstasy to one of sheer terror when the floor beneath them began to tremble. In the giant chamber a mile beneath Atlantis, the general heard a great crack as if the earth’s back had been shattered. It was the sound of the colliding plates sending their killing force back to the source.

Ten thousand years of civilization disappeared in less than three minutes, the seafloor swallowing it whole. The earthquake—the largest in the history of the planet—had other effects as the great shaking coursed along the fault lines that had been so meticulously and wrongly mapped for hundreds of centuries. The twig-and-mud huts of Egypt and Greece were vaporized as the earth jumped and settled. The sea emptied around the isles of Sparta, creating a large barren spot that would five thousand years later become the Sparta plain.

At first it was just the outer edges that vanished in an eruption of lava and seawater, then more and more went as trees would in a strong wind; first a wave of earth rose thirty feet as it smashed toward the main city, then the very ground broke in and fell. All at once, with nothing below the island to hold its weight, it simply folded up like a book closing, and the great three rings of Atlantis, a thousand kilometers in diameter, slammed together, burying the intact Crystal Dome in its center as the main island slid beneath the waves.

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