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The goal of this ebook is to explain modern analytical and semi­ analytical suggestions for fixing commonplace celestial-mechanics difficulties. The be aware "techniques" is used the following as a time period intermediate among "methods" and "recipes". One usually conceives a few approach to resolution of an issue as a common mathematical instrument, whereas no longer taking a lot care with its computa­ tional consciousness. nevertheless, the be aware "recipes" might these days be understood within the feel of the well known publication Numerical Recipes (Press et al. , 1992), the place it potential either algorithms and their particular application realiza­ tion in Fortran, C or Pascal. Analytical recipes suggest using a few normal or really good machine algebra procedure (CAS). The variety of diversified CAS at present hired in celestial mechanics is simply too huge to specify quite a few of the main foremost platforms. along with, it kind of feels moderate to not combine the essence of any set of rules with its specific application implementation. For those purposes, the analytical recommendations of this e-book are to be considered as algorithms to be carried out in several methods counting on the and software program to be had. The e-book was once preceded via Analytical Algorithms of Celestial Mechanics by means of an identical writer, released in Russian in 1980. even with there being a lot universal among those books, the current one is in truth a brand new mono­ graph.

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17). 31) taking the values TJ-e+3 TJ 1 +TJ+e' at the pericentre and apocentre, respectively. Quite similarly, one may replace the function In r by its uniformly-best-approximation polynomial. 15) adding, possibly, a secular term in M. Another technique to conserve the closed form of G is to express In rand 1 in terms of dilogarithmic functions of a purely imaginary argument (Osacar and Palacian, 1994; Palacian, 1994). So far it is not clear whether this interesting approach, introducing one more type of special function into celestial mechanics, leads to a real simplification.

Being polynomials of degree k - 1 in e with positive integer coefficients k-l ak = L:aJk}e j j=O k-l , bk = L:bJk}e j . 15) The first few polynomials calculated by means of these formulae are as follows: al =1, a2 =1 + 3e, a3 a4 a5 + 24e + 45e2 , =1 + 117e + 1107e 2 + 1575e3 , =1 + 498e + 15066e2 + 85410e 3 + 99225e 4 , =1 and bl =1, b2 =1 + ge, b3 =1 + 54e + 225e2 , b4 =1 + 243e + 4131e2 + 11025e3 , b5 =1 + lO08e + 50166e 2 + 457200e 3 + 893025e4 , 50 2 The Keplerian Processor A more extended table of these polynomials is given by Kuzmin (1980).

1- q21ml explmw. 29) . 22), one can always assume that m ;::: O. 30) because it reduces to a finite sum with m + n ::;: k ::;: m - n. 37). 25) is preferable, reducing as it does to a finite sum with s - n ::;: 2k ::;: s + n. 39). 30) are not so convenient, since they involve infinite sums, but this case is not of practical importance (for example, it does not occur in expanding the disturbing function). 31) which involves only raising to positive powers. Hence, the coefficients B,:,m may always be presented in closed form with respect to k, k', q, K and E.

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