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LATEX cannot be expected to perform these mode shifts itself, for it is not always clear just when it is mathematics that has been typed. For example, should an isolated letter a in the input file be regarded as a word (as in the definite article) or a mathematical variable (as in the variable a). There are no reliable rules for LATEX to make such decisions by, so the begin-math and end-math mode switching is left entirely to you. The symbol $ is specially reserved1 by LATEX as the “math shift” symbol.

We will just list them so that we can see, for reference purposes, what they all look like. , it sets the first argument followed by a little space, then the operator followed by the same little space and finally the second argument. 3 shows the binary operators that are available via LATEX control words (recall that the binary operators +, −, and ∗ can be typed from the keyboard). 5 Binary relations LATEX has been taught to recognize the use of binary relations, too. 4 shows those available via LATEX control words.

17 center environment This environment allows the centring of consecutive lines of text, new lines being indicated by a \\. If you don’t separate lines with the \\ command then you’ll get a centred paragraph the width of the page, which won’t look any different to normal. If only one line is to be centred, then no \\ is necessary. 31 The {\tt center} environment takes care of the vertical spacing before and after it, so we don’t need to leave any. \\ \end{center} In this case we left a blank line after the environment, so the new text was regarded as starting a new paragraph.

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