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By Wilbur A. Smith

Hazel Bannock is the inheritor to the Bannock Oil Corp, one of many significant oil manufacturers with worldwide succeed in. whereas cruising within the Indian Ocean, Hazel's deepest yacht is hijacked by way of African Muslim pirates. Hazel isn't on board on the time, yet her nineteen yr previous daughter, Cayla, is abducted and held to ransom. The pirates call for a crippling twenty billion buck ransom for her release.

Complicated political and diplomatic concerns render the most important powers incapable of intervening. while Hazel is given proof of the terrible torture which Cayla is being subjected to, she calls on Hector go to assist her rescue her daughter.

Hector is the landlord and operator of move Bow safety, the corporate that is gotten smaller to Bannock Oil to supply all their protection. he's an impressive battling guy. among them Hazel and Hector are decided to take the legislation into their very own arms.

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