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By Liz Maverick

Clarissa Schneckberg wasn't able to go away her Silicon Valley activity, get dumped through her boyfriend, or circulate again in along with her mom and dad. She's formally pathetic. And her clients are dim. a minimum of that is how they give the impression of being from less than the covers of her adolescence mattress. yet simply while her lifestyles looks heading south, Clarissa comes to a decision to go relatively south-to Antarctica, to be detailed. finally, the male-to-female ratio on the South Pole is anything like four-to-one. together with her associates, Delilah and Kate, she's able to make the trek and subscribe to a few equal-opportunity jobs...even notwithstanding none of them has but to pass though a wintry weather with no fuzzy slippers. it is an amorous event Clarissa will be insane to move up. yet for this snow angel, sanity has outlived its usefulness.

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What’s the matter with you? ” he hissed. ” Luna Fong, queen of perfect hair, Kieran’s so-called platonic friend. Kieran sighed heavily. “Come on, Clarissa. You had to know something was wrong. ” “You were on Weight Watchers. You were trying to lose 28 • Liz Maverick weight . . oh good god. You were losing weight for her. ” “Don’t be ridiculous. ” Clarissa suddenly became filled with the urge to do something really out of character. Like impale her boyfriend with chopsticks. But since that was out of the question, she decided to spend.

I’ve been through a rough patch. No, I’m not even out of it yet. I’m still in a rough patch. It’s been a very difficult month. Has it been a month? Come to think of it, I wonder what day it is. The thing is, I’ve been traumatized. I don’t want to overexert myself. I don’t want anything too taxing. Don’t be tempted by a prestige job, Clarissa. That’s just a trap. A recipe for stress. Just go for a job with as little responsibility as possible. You’ll be better off that way. You’ll be good at that.

I see this as a real positive. ” At this point Clarissa realized she was running on at the mouth, a hairsbreadth away from becoming totally hysterical. Yet on she ran: “Like this whole business of me quitting my job, but on a much bigger scale. This could be wonderful, Kier. I don’t know what took you so long to bring it up. We could reinvent ourselves. We could adopt a better way of life—” “There’s nothing wrong with my life,” he said. ” Good god. ” Clarissa swallowed the last of the pot sticker, clasped her hands very tightly in her lap, and forced herself not to scream.

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