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There are no other fish fathers who work so hard for their children as the Sticklebacks do. As to the Stickleback Mothers—well, that is different. This particular Stickleback Father had lived, ever since he had left the nest, with a little company of his friends in a quiet place near the edge of the pond. Sometimes, when they tired of staying quietly at home, they had made short journeys up a brook that emptied into the pond. It was a brook that flowed gently over an even bed, else they would never have gone there, for Sticklebacks like quiet waters.

When the flock arose to fly on again, eight Cranes stayed behind. They watched their friends fly away, and stood on the ground with their necks and bills uplifted and mouths open, while they trumpeted or called out, "Good-bye! " The flying Cranes trumpeted back, "We will! " That night they slept near together, as they had done when with the large flock, and one Crane kept awake to watch for danger while the others tucked their heads under their wings. They were fine looking, even when they slept, and some people never look well unless they are awake.

He was very much afraid of the Snapping Turtle, and yet he thought him the best one to see just now. "I came to see if you would snap off my tail," said he. " said the Snapping Turtle, in his most surprised way. "My tail," answered the First Tadpole, who had never had a tail snapped off, and thought it could be easily done. " "Certainly," said the Snapping Turtle. "With pleasure! No trouble at all! " "Not a bit," answered the Snapping Turtle, with a queer look in his eyes. " Then he swam toward the First Tadpole and did as he had been asked to do.

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