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By Barbara L. Davis

This box consultant takes you to the barren region and grassland components of Arizona, California, and New Mexico the place the complete variety of fowl species reaches a spectacular 440. incorporated are 21 desolate tract birding scorching spots, in-depth descriptions and behavioral details, eight poultry charts, and lots more and plenty extra.

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The Great Egret is also nearly twice the size of both the Snowy Egret and the Cattle Egret, and is the most graceful of all herons. During the breeding season, the bill is orange with a dark ridge, and long, delicate plumes majestically extend from the head over the back. While taking flight, a Great Egret starts out with its neck stretched outward and rapid wing movements; when it reaches a relaxed rate of speed, it folds its neck over its back in an S-shape and continues with slow, deep wingbeats, covering great distances with minimal flapping.

They may also resonate in a deep, raucous frahnk, frahnk, frahnk. They breed in colonies, but are usually solitary the rest of the year. Habitat and Diet The Great Blue Heron is the water bird most often seen all over the Southwest. When possible, it chooses areas that are secluded and undisturbed, including marshes, wetlands, streams, and lakes. It may also be seen in more congested areas, however, such as lakes around golf courses, ponds, or any water source where there is an abundant supply of fish.

Nesting and Mating Behaviors Nesting and mating behaviors of the Snowy Egret are among the most interesting of bird behaviors. Dressed in similar plumage, both sexes parade and woo the other. Face to face, crest upright, bodies bent forward as if bowing to each other, and wispy aigrettes waving behind each bird, they promenade together. The nest is built in trees up to thirty feet above the ground. The platform-type nest is constructed by the female of materials the male brings for her usage. This process usually takes up to five days; then the female lays three to five smooth, unmarked, greenish-blue eggs.

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