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The death cap is one of the world’s most toxic mushrooms. Because it looks similar to edible mushrooms, it accounts for 50 per cent of all mushroom-poisoning cases. Symptoms include coma, jaundice and even death. The edible part of a jackfruit is surrounded with sticky, white latex goo that clings to the fingers. Those in the know oil their hands before preparing one! qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 53 53 Indian delicacy Bombay duck is, in fact, dried lizardfish. It’s also known as bummalo and is so pongy that it has to be transported in airtight containers!

The spray causes tears, pain, coughing and temporary blindness. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 59 59 65 million guinea pigs are eaten in Peru each year! Beef tripe is from the first three of a cow’s four stomachs: the rumen makes smooth tripe, the reticulum gives honeycomb tripe and book tripe comes from the omasum. Elephant ears are a popular snack in the United States. Fortunately, they are not animal parts but pieces of fried dough sprinkled with sugar. Shaw’s Bistro and International Tapas Bar was the first restaurant in Scotland to serve rattlesnake, crickets and locusts.

When Polish man Hubert Hoffman criticized the country’s president Lech Kaczynski during a routine police check, he was asked to show more respect. He replied with a loud fart and was promptly arrested! A 19th-century cure for toothache was to hammer a nail into the tooth and then stick the nail in a tree to transfer the pain. Gruesome Body Facts Going up a mountain too quickly will make you vomit! At heights over 2,500 metres (8,000 feet) above sea level, a change in pressure means the body does not get as much If you have a oxygen and needs time to cut in your skin, it acclimatize.

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