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One thousand recognized Horses truth & Fictional in the course of the a long time: (Not Race Horses and never convey leaping Horses)
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28. BORAK. MOHAMMAD. The mare which conveyed the prophet Mohammad from earth to the seventh heaven. It was milk-white, had wings of an eagle, and a human face with horse’s cheeks. Every pace she took was equal to the furthest range of human sight. Al Borak is Arabic for `the lightning’. 29. BLACK BEAUTY. SQUIRE GORDON. From a novel by Anna Sewell. ’ Black Beauty is the narrator of the story, a handsome black horse. e. develops scars on his “knees”—anatomically, wrists—after a bad fall) he is no longer considered presentable enough and is put to much harder work.

69. MAGGIE. TAM O’ SHANTER. From the narrative poem by Robert Burns entitled `Tam O’ Shanter’: `Weel mounted on his grey nag Meg, The carlin claught her by the rump, and left poor Maggie scarse a stump. The young witch Nannie, in her cutty sark o Paisley, pulls the tail off Meg. Hence the famous tea clipper Cutty Sark with a figurehead of an arm with a horse’s tail in its hand. 70. THE CHALK HORSE. CHILTERNS. The most famous and most fascinating prehistoric monument in this region, Oxfordshire, is the Celtic White Horse at Uffington.

Danny Roper, patron of The Tudor House Hotel, Wigan. Sandra, energy sales advisor for N Power, Accrington, Lancs. Joanie, funeral director, Portsmouth, Hants. Nichola, supervisor, Fred Perry Ltd. Portsmouth, Hants. Peter, Longshoot Dental Laboratory, Wigan. Jane, nurse at Baxenden Dental Practice, Lancs. Mohamad-Ali, Hale Newsagents, south Manchester. The Horses of St. Mark’s by Charles Feeman. Dave and Kath, Landlords, The Queens, Platt Bridge, Lancs. Clair (Dentist) and Jade (Nurse) at Standish Dental Practice, Lancs.

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