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By J. Stephen Lang

Imagine you recognize every thing approximately your pussycat spouse?
In 1,001 stuff you consistently desired to learn about Cats, trivialities expert and authorized cat fancier J. Stephen Lang places your whisker knowledge to the attempt with 1,001 tantalizing trivialities tidbits. From myths and legends to well-known cat enthusiasts (and haters), "catty" words to sketch kitties, bewildering behavioral quirks to mating and motherhood, you’ll find out about: <UL> * 5 U.S. presidents who loved cats . . . and person who hated them with a passion!
* why cats take pleasure in kneading their human partners with their paws;
* a breed of cat with webbed toes who swims for his seafood supper!
* the preferred female and male cat names today.
With those and 997 different scrumptious minutiae morsels, you’ll detect an abundance of unforeseen delights on each web page!

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But they won’t eat right away, for the mom cat will release the prey and allow the kittens to capture it again, and even compete with them for it. The killer instinct is already there, but mom is nurturing it with this training. Needless to say, kittens who observe their mothers killing prey become more effective predators than kittens raised in a cat-food-only home. 64 Eating what you kill It’s a standard line among human hunters: a good hunter eats what he kills—which means that you don’t kill for the sheer pleasure of killing, leaving a 37 1,001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Cats dead beast to lie and rot.

The one notable exception: lions, which live in groups known as prides. For all other cats, single is the name of the game, and male and female come together strictly for mating. 40 Harness, not collars Cats and collars go together, but not cats, collars, and leashes. Unlike dogs, cats simply can’t accept the notion of being led on a leash, and tugging on a 25 1,001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Cats leash attached to a collar is (in the cat’s view) like hanging him in a noose. If you have any hope of ever getting a cat to walk on a leash (and many cats never will), the only hope is the use of a harness, not a collar.

The human eye (and mind) draws a distinction between “higher animals” (mammals, birds, reptiles) and “just bugs,” but cats’ eyes don’t. Cats have no conception of biological classes, whether an animal is a vertebrate, invertebrate, warm-blooded, cold-blooded and so on. Domestic cats retain their predaceous instincts, and their prey can be a mouse or a bird or a lizard . . or a grasshopper. Probably the first prey of kittens is something small and easily caught, such as the nearest bug. All these creatures fall under the very broad category of food.

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